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Many blessings,

Anne Baird

OCTOBER: The Year's Last, Loveliest Smile.

October, October! Month of significant celebrations. Among them, Eid and Yom Kippur on October 3rd, full Harvest Moon on the 8th, Canadian Thanksgiving on the 13th, Samhain or Halloween on the 31st. So many things to be grateful for at the last flowering of the year before winter blows in.

Autumn is ďthe yearís last, loveliest smile.Ē

William Cullen Bryant, a 19th century American romantic poet, said that. Who has ever said it better?

Bring a smile to your soul and take time to watch Octoberís leaves turn. It's a Small Miracle. Enjoy their riotous colors that rival the brightest blooms of summer. Embrace the wisdom of the leaf that knows when itís time to let go. Admire the lacy silhouettes of trees, as they strip their branches of finery, and stand naked in the beauty of sparseness. There are lessons to be learned from OctoberÖ

Letís ripen into the glory of maturity gladly, like autumn leaves. No wistful, backward glances at summer or spring. Letís learn to let go of things that hurt us or impede our growth. Letís embrace the power and beauty of simplicity. Of the bare bones that reveal who we really are. We are enough.

Letís love October, ourselves, and all those whom we have been given to love.

That covers a lot of territory. But itís what we were created to do.

October blessings,

Anne Baird


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