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SEPTEMBER: Work and Women's Wisdom.

Summer is coming to an end. Another shift is underway. From the relaxed glories of summer we move into the bustle of work that signals Fall. Days are shorter and colder. Children return to school. We scramble to store the fruits of harvest, and to prepare for a long, hard winter.

At this pivotal time, Athena ~ Goddess of Womenís Wisdom ~ assumes her natural position of leadership. Springing fully grown, and armed, from the forehead of her father, Zeus, at birth, she was extraordinary from the start. A legendary warrior, her strategic skills surpassed those of Ares, the male God of War. But she was also a wise and powerful advocate for women, teaching spinning, weaving and needlework as well as agriculture and navigation. She provided for and protected her children.

Athena is a model for women of today who hold their own in a manís world, without sacrificing their womenís hearts and wisdom.

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Give thanks for the women's wisdom that allows you to manage the work of this busy time. Enjoy the quickening pace of September!

Anne Baird


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