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You've reached Anne Baird's unique award winning collection of goddess greeting cards for the Modern Goddess. Her original watercolor paintings and stories celebrate women, and explore their legendary goddess roots. The Goddess lives on in all women. She lives in YOU! Connect with your inner goddess. Live your life with passion and joy! Anne Baird


Spring is here! On the magical animal carousel, Ostara, the Celtic goddess of spring, rides on her favorite creature, the rabbit. The rabbit is famous for its fertility, and Ostara is a fertility goddess. They go together like milk and honey.

Crowned with spring flowers, she carries a basket of eggs, symbolizing this time of year when new life is born from winter soil. She prefigures Easter, when todayís children paint Easter eggs, pick spring flowers, and enjoy chocolate rabbits.

Ostara, Eostre, Easter ~ all roads lead to the same celebration.

Come, Ostara! We are ready for Spring, and for new life!

Sing, sing! Itís Spring!

To see Ostara as an ecard, please click here. To see her as a Carousel Goddess, click here.

With love and April blessings,

Anne Baird


April is also when Christians celebrate Holy Week, culminating in Easter Sunday. The Jewish people celebrate Passover. You may enjoy Holy Week, an ecard showing the faithful flocking to church. Or Must Be Easter! an ecard showing a group of puzzled bunnies watching children, dressed as rabbits and Easter eggs, trooping past. Easter Eggs! shows a happy group of little ones painting eggs under the watchful eyes of their moms. Also check out Why Is This Night Different?, a celebration of the great Jewish holiday, Passover.

Finally, Aries, is the Zodiac card of the month. A beautiful goddess who relishes adventure and challenge, she is shown in this card as a Native American or First Nation woman, sitting with her hand on the back of her symbol, the dauntless ram. We celebrate her passionate life and vibrant spirit.



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