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The story of Demeter, Goddess of Grains and the Harvest, and her daughter, Persephone, is one of the most compelling of all Greco-Roman myths. Every woman can identify with the story of the fierce bond between mothers and daughters. The story goes like this:

Persphone was Demeter’s adored only child. She frolicked in the groves and fields of ancient Greece, while her generous and hard-working mother provided food in abundance to the world.

But, one day, Persephone was kidnapped by her uncle, Hades, the God of the Underworld. He carried her off in secret to his dark kingdom. There, he raped and forced her into marriage. Unable to escape, or to let her mother know where she was, Persephone pined and refused to eat.

Demeter searched frantically for her lost child, but nobody could tell her where she had gone. Gradually falling into despair, she refused to provide for the world any more, and went on strike. The people demanded that Zeus, the king of the gods, restore Persephone to her mother, so that they would not perish. Zeus, who knew where Persephone was, was forced to order Hades to return her to her mother.

Hades, however, tricked Persephone. On the eve of her reunion with her mother, he tempted her with a pomegranate. The hungry girl ate only a few seeds of the fruit, but that sealed her fate. Pomegranate seeds were a symbol of marriage in the ancient world. Persephone was condemned to divide her time, from that moment on, between Earth and the Underworld.

During the months of spring, summer, and fall, Persephone is with her mother. Their happy reunion brings sunshine, plenty and joy to the world. When she returns to Hades, grim winter descends upon the Earth.

In this manner, the ancients explained the reason for the seasons. They also gave us an example of the powerful union between mothers and daughters that can never be sundered.

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